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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

so training at tp was awesome. like finally. heh heh. was prety satisfied. right from warm ups, till the very last 10 minutes of game time.

techno with the girls after. finally, it all came back.

thank you for being there everytime i needed someone to talk to. thank you for all your attempts to cheer me up whenever i needed it. thank you for all the sweet sweet msgs you could ever think of. maybe it's just you. you're really a very good friend, both to him and i. i just don't know how else to thank you, but thanks alot. ((:

so i'm left with 10 days. can't believed i survived like.. errr. 13 already. i miss you, love.

sung at 12:12 AM

Friday, March 28, 2008

back from thailand, one day has passed. and i think i'm already missing it. all the shopping, and the 'howww muuuuccchh??' in that thai accent, and 'discounntttt okayyy?'. haha. all the memories. like how my leg landed on someone during the first night, how max told us me and mayb were facing each other during our sleep, and having me snoring right into her face. how max stupidly vomitted into the sink instead of the toilet bowl. and left us with the vomit for 2 nights. dammit. i'm missing the food. the tom yam, the squid. it was totally awesome. =)

and back in singapore, the normal life. no jaywalking, no screaming and shouting, no wake up calls in the morning. no more waking up to seeing teammates in the same room, no more bargaining. and i did a mad walk across the road just now with raa. i thought i was still in bangkok haha. and we were sharing stories about thailand. how nice.

so training just now was good, thought i lost it. but it was fine. dinner with raa wannie box jess and geraldine. laughed our funny stories out about bangkok.

streets of bangkok.

love's back in 13 days. super exxciteeeddddd! =))

and you just lifted my spirits up sky high. even though you're so far away. i hope you're enjoying the letters dearest.

sung at 1:56 AM

Friday, March 21, 2008

back from few weeks of alot of things that happened. the games for the past weeks were okay, and this week's finally a break from the SFL, which also means THAILAND WITH THE WOLVES. seriously i just can't wait for later. it's like. shopping, finally.

the chalet was the most awesome thing that happened this week. well, i thought it was. like late night snacking, late night cards, attempts at watching movies, late night games, and late night walks. totally made my week, perhaps just my life. thanks baby.

so it's.. 20 days to go until april 11. goodness. i haven't been dealing with the past 3 days properly at all. roarrrr. someone just fly me over there right now. but thanks a lot to all who have been or attempted to cheer me up in everyway possible. i can do this. yeah andy! 20 more daysssssss. =))

and so, i leave for thailand at 7am tomorrow morning. anyone want anything? i've been blessed with such great parents who contribute to my expenditure there in bangkok. going on retail therapy and we're gonna get crazyy. like literally. now now. i need to learn some thai bargaining skills.

baby, come back. ROAR.

sung at 5:02 PM

Friday, February 29, 2008

i'm finally back from a long long break from this blog. the exams were somehow, a killer. things jsut didn't go my way, and i think i might have to go back in a few weeks time. oh god. gotta think about thailand now man. what if it really happens. oh god.

so this is the craziest of all my stuy breaks i have ever had. starbucks, mccafe, home. thanks to pork for making it down to the east everytime he could to accompany me. must say that it was really great having him around.

the psp is seriously getting addictive. and wannie just had to tell me about ape academy. and hence, i abandoned nhl. still stuck at one level though. oh wells.

movie today was awesome. for one reason or another. heh heh. =P

floorball at jwss tmr. i hope nth bad like last week happens again. wobbly legssss. hahahaa.

and when you know someone's feelings are true, that is when you trust him the most. and that's why i did.

for all the reasons you are, i am gonna miss youuu. 3 weeks is long. =(

sung at 7:53 PM

Friday, February 15, 2008

when you told me you brought someone along,
i was shocked.
but you took out a big box.
a box that i know was from build-a-bear.
i couldn't stop smiling.
and you thought i was crazy.
the cutest and most adorable things that you could possibly surprise me with.
i was touched.
flying high, through the walkways of orchard road.
everything just seemed to have gone away.
all the difficulties i have been facing.
i just felt sooo good.

truffles, wallet, dinner.
what else could i ever think of?
i was smiling once again right from the start.
the thought of seeing how you smiled.
enjoyed every part of today,
even the littlest,
like toys'r'us and me spilling everything i could touch.

bus rides are beginning to be my favourites.
and no one wil ever know why.
the way i get to hold you.
and how you prevent me from falling,
really really touches me, again.
i never knew how you could do such things.
it's built with you.

confessions, confessions.
finally i told you, and finally you know.
never thought you'd feel that way too.
and this is when i feel the most loved.
the most cared about.
the most lucky.

sometimes, i tend to ask myself.
what if i never met you.
what if i forgot a great person like you existed,
what if that day,
my friend didn't make me think of you.
what if i never talked to you even though i knew you.
what if wfc was the last we talked.
we would be walking past each other right now,
maybe just a simple hi and bye.
it's all the opposite now.
there is much to it than we can both imagine.
and promises we made,
will forever remain as promises.
you are the one that i treasure the most,
and won't wanna lose.

i'm feeling lucky. =D

sung at 1:51 AM

Saturday, February 09, 2008

so peili's house with the rest was awesome. i won quite a bit. totally contented. and i had gloria jean's cheesecake today too. superly happy. thanks porkkkk. =)

the exams are so near and i need to study. super lagging behinddddd. =((

you got me in tears and i really don't know why it came out. it got me thinking till morning how much i've done for you. sometimes, i really feel like giving up.

sung at 1:35 AM

Thursday, February 07, 2008

a very HAPY NEW CHINESE NEW YEAR to all. =)

so it was a day of visiting, right from 10am in the morning. punggol was first, then yishun, the clementi, then jurong and here i am. home sweet home. i was thinking about how much i actually see my relatives in a year, and i realised, it's only ONCE. it's kinda sad la. but oh well.

looking at how much everyone has changed. my 2nd cousins are married and pregnant, one due next month. they've just turned into well, more matured people. okay, i dunno where i'm getting to. and many were with their boyfriends and girlfriends. i just had hell lotsa fun joking and such. but i was too tired, wanted to get back early.

so it was all about the jokes, laughs, fun and not forgetting, the angpows. highlight of the festival isn't it?

i looked around, and it suddenly struck me about what i've been feeling happy from for the past 6 months. it could be everything else around me except you. it also could be you, not everything else around me. the answer's gotta come soon really. i don't know what to expect.

piggy-wiggy. =))

sung at 10:04 PM